BTC Relay Status

What is shown on the Status page?

In addition to the address and ABI, the Status shows the latest Bitcoin block number and blockhash that BTC Relay knows about. It also shows the very first Bitcoin block header that is stored by BTC Relay. BTC Relay can only verify (and relay) transactions that occur between these blocks. The Status also shows the fee for making use of the block header.

What is the ETH fee?

The amount that needs to be paid to the Relayer when a Bitcoin transaction belongs in the block.

What is the Relayer?

The address that will receive the fee. It is usually the address of the origin account that was first to successfully submit the block header to BTC Relay.

What is the fee for previous blocks?

Use getFeeAmount().

What can I do if the fee is too high?

An option is to changeFeeRecipient() to yourself. Make sure you satisfy all requirements for successful completion.

Why is the latest block behind?

The missing Bitcoin block header has not been mined into an Ethereum block yet. Or if BTC Relay does not have enough Relayers, it could fall behind many blocks. You may want to consider being a Relayer.